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Kubera Prakriya: Money is created by the human being to take the control over the economy but today the same money is dominating him and controlling him. Money is considered as one of the most important power today where each one of us are struggling for it and the one who has money are termed as wealthy and rich. If you see the statistics.. Only 5% of the people in the world are rich, rest of 95% falls under average earning or below poverty line. Many of the people think that earning is a big and the toughest task which involves lot of luck, but in reality people who think that they can’t earn money or can’t become rich is just a myth.
The truth is we all are magnets and we keep attracting many things in our daily lives. We can also easily become money magnets provided we have that will power and know how to work on it. As quoted by Bill Gates – “If you are born poor that’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, that’s certainly yours”. Everyone in this universe has that power to create their own wealth and become rich in any stage/age you are in.
“Kubera Prakriya – The Billionaire’s Concept” helps in explaining the core secret behind how to mould yourself to be a money magnets and enjoy a rich life.
What is Money..?
How to attain money..?
How to face the financial crisis.. ?
Etc., are well explained at micro level here.

Amrutha Prakriya : Every Person in this world has one or many other problems. Most of them are - their desire & wishes are not full filled, Relationship Issues, Worries, Sadness, Not happy with life, Lack of Love, Care in life etc., Amrutha Prakriya helps you to understand the basic questions of your life like
Who are you and your purpose of life..?
What does you really want in your life..? etc.,
You are creator of the problem and hence you should be the destroyer as well. Lack of self-love, self-respect, strength and confidence in you is the root cause for all these problems. Amrutha Prakriya helps you to identify that Key to develop that self-confidence and makes you free from the trap of fear. It helps in teaching the importance of self-love and thus in turn helps in your growth and development towards a brighter life. Here we also concentrate on a unique way of how to avoid and not get any problems in any way. We teach how your thoughts contribute to your situations and how to build trust, confidence, love, happiness in you. Which will in turn help you in building up a new YOU, great relationships, fulfilling your desires, building new goals and how to achieve them. Every lock has a key likewise Amrutha Prakriya has solution for everything.

Dhanvantri prakriya:It is been said that where there is health – there is physical fitness , which intern build up great mind and helps us to be mentally fit & happy.

It is been said that where there is health – there is physical fitness , which in turn build up great mind and helps us to be mentally fit & happy.
In today’s world for every one minute there is a new disease born in some corner of the world and people who are suffering with ill-health are increasing. This is assumed mainly because of the persons not having immunity power in their bodies. But indeed it is due to the lack of love on your body and that positive thoughts in you. “You talk about a disease – you attract it – you get it “. We in Dhanvatri Prakriya – we teach you how to get control on your body constitution and control your inner metabolic activities by your will power, positive thoughts and self-love. This is also considered by world famous Placebo methodology. It teaches you how to remain healthy throughout your life. Dhanvantri Prakriya has cured many ill patients and bring them back into their normal healthy life.

Akanda Vidya Prakriya : This is one of those concepts which is specially introduced for the students and teenagers. It is been always a tough and confused thing for children travelling towards teenage to understand their goals. They often face many things like hormonal influences, new friendships, lack of interest in studies, no proper direction towards goals, unable to decide quickly, competition, lack of focus, loneliness, or too much of entertainment, developing new hobbies, think on a non-cooperative family, get detached from their parents etc., Due lack of concentration on so many things at a time, pressure, and confusion, they often end up with failures, under estimate their power and even think to an extent of suicide.
Akhanda Vidya Prakriya helps them to understand their power, give clarity on what is life, give clear picture about how to face the world, how to develop one self and identify your strengths & weakness and work towards them. Helps how to define your goals, choose your friends and how to work on ambitions, tips to study well and improve the memory power, build your career the way you like it. It also helps you understand the importance of competition and tell you on how to face it with confidence. AkhandaVidya Prakriya also helps you to have an all-round development of even considering how it to behave and develop self-esteem to create your image in the society. It teaches you how to enjoy what you do. This is surely be a lesson for life time to the teenagers who take this Akhanda Vidya Prakriya.

Karya Siddi Prakriya :Today’s youth after completing their studies with lot of aspirations are travelling towards their professional careers but later on they are realizing that the profession they choose or the job that they are currently in are not meant for them. They are facing lot of issues and difficulties in doing those tasks , unable to get gelled with their managers, no job satisfaction, less income, no job stability, no promotions, no recognition etc., whatever they are doing they will have the hindrances and will have problems in completing those tasks. Many of them will end up with a confusion where they will be thinking whether to switch the profession, or change the job or go for an own business proposal etc.,
We; In this Kaarya Sidhi Prakriya concept explain you
What is career..?
How to develop Confidence on you..?
How to choose your Profession..?
How to love your Profession..?
How to face the Professional dynamics..?
How to reach your dream jobs and goals..?
How to overcome your current situations..? etc.,

Kaarya Sidhi Prakriya will help you to get a clarity on your thought process and help you to figure out your own goals in alignment to your life’s aspirations.

Kalyana Prakriya : Marriage is a Beautiful Dream in everyone’s life which occupies a greater importance as choosing a life partner indeed means choosing your life for the lifetime. But due to today’s competitive world, everyone is planning to marry only after they have settled in their professional careers. Later their chances of getting their dream partner is becoming less. Also, the impact of brought up conditions, family relationships, financial status, psychological stress , responsibilities , goals on the individuals which are finally leading to an unplanned, pressurized wedding which is later leading to improper relationships , lack of understanding, and finally separations / Divorce.
Kalyana Prakriya is one of the fabulous concepts for the people who are undergoing these conditions, who want to plan their life, select their dream life partner to sustain and live a happy life with them.

Santhana Prakriya :Becoming a parent is every married couple's dream after marriage. Having the next progeny also plays a vital role in our society. But due to physical weakness, psychological stress, financial crisis, etc., this is just remaining a dream for many.
Santhana Prakriya helps on how to improve their thought power on making their dream come true of having a kid.

Sthambana Prakriya:In our day to day lives, we tend to deal with many people and many circumstances. Some remain favorable to us and some leads to speculations. These speculations leads to lot of panic and pressure. In this stress and pressure, people tend to do many mistakes inturn making it a big issue. Sthambhana Prakriya is a concept that is specially designed for these kind of people who are attempting to settle such kind of issues. This Prakriya has an excellent process for people struggling with financial crisis and other settlements, Let those be their family issues, political issues, energy issues, issues at work from higher authorities etc., Sthambhana Praikriya helps you to settle them.

Soundarya Prakriya: It has been described that “A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever”. Being Beautiful has an enormous power and gives lot of strength to us. In the Universe, everyone wants to look beautiful & to see beautiful things in their lives. Beauty is not just a small word which is simply confined to the outer appearance, it is also related to your inner personality. For few, although they have everything with them like Intelligence, Money, Power etc., Due to the lack of beauty they might not get that much of attention in Public. Soundarya Prakriya helps you to improve that external and real beauty thereby improving the self-confidence and keep you young and active as long as you want.

Vikasa Prakriya : Food, Sleep and Sex are the 3 common requirements for human beings. In today’s society due to physical & psychological stress, diet habits, malnutrition, addictive habits like alcohol, smoking, drugs, porn influences and the things like self sex play, same gender sex play etc., leads to nervous weakness, private organs damage and reproductive system failure. Also people suffering with unusual psychological sexual thoughts like, sexual interest towards animals, sex toys etc. can be overcome through Vikasa Prakriya and can enjoy a healthy sexual life.
Some people hate sexual feelings with a misconception that sex is a hindrance and a derogatory act for spiritual life. This will be well explained in Vikasa Prakriya.

Krida prakriya ‘Win & Lose’ are 2 important things in every ones' life and plays a key role in any game or any sport. Winning needs a plan, strategy, hard work, and focus. But more than that it needs self-confidence and belief.
If you can keep the control on your game then you will be the winner..!
Kreeda Prakriya teaches you on how to get command on the game in today’s competitive conditions. This Prakriya is useful for any Sports Person irrespective of the type of game or sport they play.

Sangeetha Prakriya This especially for budding singers who are working on improving their voice and looking for a career in music Industry. This sangeetha prakriya brings popular identity and ensures a successful career in film music industry. It inbuilt that strength and confidence in you to give the stage performances.

Kamala Prakriya:This is for the people who are suffering with mental or psychological disorders. This Prakriya helps to bring them back to their normal healthy and happy world.

Viparitha Vasikarana Prakriya:This is for the people who looking out for immense popularity. This Prakriya makes their dreams come true.

Maha Surya Yoga Prakriya: This is particularly for MP’s, MLA’s & other political leaders or for the people with political ambitions. This Prakriya helps you to win over your opponent and gain immense political majority.

Athma Gyana Prakriya:This special process is for the people who wants to travel towards understanding the purpose of their lives and their journey. The one who wants to understand what the Soul is, How did the Soul come into its existence, Knowledge on Poorva Janma (Past Birth), understand the concept of Moksha, etc., This Prakriya answers all of these questions. This also explains you how to control your thought process and finally enjoy the happiness of your soul. In this process you will get to know many universal truths which gives you wisdom.

Ashtadasa Prakriya : This Prakriya teaches the power of Mantra, Yantra & Tantra secrets of the 18 Shakthi Peetams of 18 Adi Parashakthis'. This Prakriya teaches the process of practicing ashtadasa pooja vidhanams.

IshtaDevatha Vasikarana Prakriya:This prakriya teaches the process or the Pooja vidhi to pray or worship the god you love. The secrets behind the yantra, mantra and tantra of the particular god/goddess will be clearly explained in detail.

Maha Sthambana Prakriya:If you look into “Vaali- Sugreeva” story in Ramayanam. It is very clear says that how important it is to estimate the power of enemy and act accordingly. This Prakriya helps to identify the strength of enemy / competitors and in contrary increase your strength in such a way to win over them.

Akanda Amrutha Dhara Prakriya: This Prakriya energises you and helps you to understand the journey of mankind towards the paramathma (God).

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