Advaita Kriya


Advaita Kriya

“Advaita Kriya Concept” is the brain child of Mr. E.K. Girish Kumar - as one fortunate vertical under his ASRCE Organization. This was first introduced by him in December 2013 It was completely designed, created, popularized and owned by himself only. In a one word, He is Part & Parcel of this entity

To understand the core meaning of Advaita Kriya in a clear manner, let us first understand the core concept of Advaitham.

Advaitham: if it is truly translated, it means One. Anything which is inseparable as two. In-depth, The Universe is considered as one in nature which is generated from single divine super power. This super power got differentiated to spread all across the universe in many forms. These forms include Panchabhootas – Air, Water, Earth, Sky, and Fire. Our Soul and Body is also made of all these 5 elements indeed. Thus, at a high level; directly / indirectly human body is in connection with this super power in the universe. Here this super power is named as God and proves the statement “Aham Brahmasmi”- I am the God. But today, due to the lack of wisdom, believing in materialistic, superstitious ideologies, people are losing the catch on the actual core concept of “Aham Brahmasmi”.

Advaitham is the concept introduced by Sri Adi Sankaracharya – which explains that everything is ONE and by his preaching's, he introduced advaitham to the world. But then as the years go by due to western culture’s influence, Current Politics, luxuries, life style etc people are carried away by superstitious beliefs which made them behave nomadic and ignorant.

As said in Bhagavad Gita .. "Yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham"

“ – Whenever mankind forget their strength, fail to understand the truth and travel towards the weakness, then the righteousness fades away, That’s when the Super power – God, will take his incarnation to create that wisdom in people again, enlighten and strengthen them.

Reinforcing the same Mr. E. K Girish Kumar had paved a path to boost up your spirits, identify your strength and enlighten you with positive energy.

Advaita Kriya : A man has the power to achieve anything and everything in this world provided he believes it from the inner soul. When one believes it from the inner soul they automatically put their fullest energy to get that things happen and in alignment the universe also helps those to get that happened. In this Universe, everyone has their soul enriched with that divine super power to communicate with the universe and universal energies. But the question still remains as what is the process… ? How should one understand our own self first..? What is universe..? How does it listen to us..? Why am I exiting in this universe…? Do I have a purpose for this life..? How do I realize what plot do I carry from my last birth..? How to identify our problems…? How to get rid of Sadness, fear, Agony, pain etc…? How to be happy ..? How to develop self-confidence, positivity, growth..? What should I do to set right my life….? How to identify our goals and priorities…? How to work around them to have a win- win situations…? ………….. Now these questions goes endless.

Apart from all these, many other concepts like Punyam- Papam (Good- Sin), Nava Grahas (Planetary Position – Astrology), Numerology etc. are also widely popularized today. Due to many concepts coming in picture, people are going through different misconceptions and also in a dilemma to believe in what. In such conditions, Advaita Kriya is one unique concept and the ray of hope which can actually explain the core essences of these in enlightening you with the reason to your existence in this universe and helps you to find factual solutions to your problems.

Advaita Kriya helps you to find the answers for each of these questions. It awakens your inner energies, boost up your spirits, increase your knowledge, and connect you to universe. This process will help you to answer all most all the above questions and take you to the world you desire to be in. It helps you to live a happy, satisfied and peaceful life in this practical and modern world of today.

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